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Modeling the Gas-solid Flow in the Reduction Shaft of COREX

COREX is a promising alternative to blast furnace ironmaking. It includes two main iron ore particles is observed in a direct reduction process within the

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duction gas and melting energy by coal gasifi ion and the second a shaft furnace to reduce iron ore seefigure 1. The first Corex-process operating plant with

gasifi ion and the midrex? direct reduction process

from the coal based iron-making process the need for DRI will continue to South Africa which uses the COREX Process to generate a synthesis gas will.


New ironmaking processes have been extensively explored with a view to saving In the next section the blast furnace and Corex processes are discussed.

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2 Dec 2009 COREX PROCESS in IRONMAKING Report Submitted by : · INTRODUCTION: For decades there have been number of initiatives towards

COREX - Coal Technology

4 Aug 2007 A number of Direct Smelting processes for the direct production of hot metal from iron ore or DRI are being developed around the world. This is

Appli ion of Coke Oven Gas to MIDREX Process

process for blast furnace ironmaking. Kobe Steel possesses the MIDREX note process using is the use of the off-gas from the COREX process. Fig.

Comparison of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission for

Two alternative ironmaking processes top gas recycling-oxygen blast furnace TGR-OBF and COREX can reduce CO2 emissions and coking coal

Corex Process Industrial Efficiency Technology and Measures

Corex is a smelting reduction process combining a melter gasifier with a reduction shaft. The process takes lump iron ore or pellets non-coking coal and oxygen

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14 Dec 2018 The most interesting feature of the Corex process is the separation of iron reduction and smelting operations into two separate reactors which are

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5 Sep 2017 PDF Coal and energy consumption in the COREX process can be minimised Ironmaking and Steelmaking IRS2012.3d 10/3/08 18:42:00.

The FINEX Process Total Materia Article

The Finex process is an innovative ironmaking process which has been is equivalent in quality to the hot metal produced in a blast furnace ore Corex plant.

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The Corex Process is a smelting reduction process created by Siemens VAI as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the blast furnace. Presently the majority of steel production is through the blast furnace which

Corex Technology: a viable alternative to CCS Central

27 Jan 2015 The Corex process is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the The wide-ranging production of coal and iron in Northern Moravia and


Corex enables the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production of hot metal from iron ore and coal. In the Corex process all metallurgical work is

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15 Oct 2018 smelting reduction ironmaking process of industrial production and has been introduced into China the smooth operation in Baosteel. COREX

Energy consumption in smelting reduction SR processes

Although fine ores iron and steelmaking wastes are used in the sintering and The COREX process doesn& 39;t need sinter to be part of the smelting components.

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4 Sep 2013 COREX is the first to realize the industrial production of smelting reduction ironmaking process. And it has been introduced into our country went

Corex smelting reduction plant

14 Jul 2015 Efficient and environmentally friendly smelting reduction. Corex is the only reliable alternative to the conventional blast furnace route. It frees from the Midrex the world& 39;s leading direct-reduced iron production process.

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3 Jul 2013 Alternative ironmaking processes compete with the blast furnace But only 1 the Corex process has been commercialised with several

ITP Steel: Ironmaking Process Alternatives Screening Study

Section 3: Ironmaking Process Discussion and Grouping. 3-1: Processes Corex VAI /Midrex with 60% Hot Metal and 40% DRI Charge to EAF. HiSmelt

Development and Current Status of the Corex and Finex

Key words Hot metal iron making COREX FINEX Siemens VAI POSCO COREX Process is a proven economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to

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Keywords: New Developments In Iron Making Process Smelting Reduction Technology. Overview Of COREX Plant In Operation Development In Operating

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Hello everyone. Corex Process The Corex Process is a smelting reduction process created by Siemens VAI as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the

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In the Corex process a combination of lump ore pellets and sinter is pre-reduced to about 90% metallization sponge iron in the reduction shaft furnace by a gas

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Although Corex has a relatively high capital cost it is so far the only smelting process to be

New Ironmaking Processes: Relevance to India - IIM - Delhi

2 Alternative method for Liquid Iron Hot Metal . – Smelting Reduction SR processes: – COREX FINEX Hismelt etc. using non-coking coal. obviating the

A Comparison of Blast Furnace and Corex Routes for Iron

Iron-making plays a vital role in the process steel production because in this phase of activity the most important input to steel Le. hot metal is churned out. Major

Optimisation of COREX process: Ironmaking and Steelmaking

18 Jul 2013 Coal and energy consumption in the COREX process can be minimised from the balance between the required and generated reduction gas.

Techno-economic assessment and comparison of CO2 - Core

competitor to conventional blast furnace based steel making process when At Saldanha steel plant in South Africa CO2 is removed from the COREX gas by

Smelt reduction for iron and steel sector Climate Technology

Smelting reduction processes are the latest development in pig iron production. The frontrunner of this process is COREX from the VAI group Gojic and Kozuh

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KEY WORDS: COREX process; reduction shaft; melter-gasifier; smelting reduction; static model; zoned model. 1. Introduction. Up to now iron for producing steel is

Optimization of iron ore blending in the COREX shaft furnace

Based on sustainable developments in the iron- and steelmaking industries the environmentally friendly COREX smelting-reduction process with low energy

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Corex is a smelting-reduction process developed by VAI for cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production of hot metal from iron ore and low grade coal.

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In Phase I a COREX plant and other steel-making facilities were built at the The COREX process is an iron-making process that uses non-coking coal as the

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22 Feb 2017 Corex process is one of these initiatives. It is the first and the only commercially established smelting-reduction process based on non-coking coal

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Dust mg/m³ STP . <5. Corex Export Gas. DRI/HBI for BF steelmaking. Power / Steam Generation. Combustion Heating. LRI for BF. Chemical Processes

WO1994008055A1 - Iron making process using petroleum coke

The COREX process is designed to operate under elevated gas pressures up to five bar. The process pressure is supplied from the integral oxygen production

Mathematical Model Development of Raceway Parameters

Corex is an alternative ironmaking process and raceway is one of the important areas to maintain the stability of the furnace. The raceway parameters are well

Operating experiences with Corex and blast furnace at JSW

Corex is a smelting reduction process and uses non-coking coal as the primary fuel along with small amount of coke. JSW started its integrated steel plant

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corex process of iron making